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Most printing problems are caused by not having the current printer driver. A few problems are caused by conflicts with high resolution video drivers.

To check the date of the current printer driver in Windows 3.1
1. In the Windows Program Manager, double-click on Control Panel.

2. In the Control Panel window, double-click on Printers.

3. In the Printers window, select the printer you are trying to use.

4. Click the Setup... button.

5. In the printer window, click the About... button.

To check the date of the current printer driver in Windows 95
1. Select Printers from the Start/Settings menu.

2. Click on the printer you are trying to use.

3. In the Printer menu, choose Properties.

4. In the Paper menu, click About.

Contact the web site for either Microsoft [Link to web page] or the manufacturer (Hewlett Packard, Canon, Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, Texas Instruments, Epson [Links to web pages]) to see if your printer driver is current. If not, download the updated printer driver. When you install the new printer driver, check the printer manual to ensure that the correct amount of memory is loaded on the printer.

If updating the printer driver does not work
Type text in a text editor and print to the problem printer. If the page does not print, then you need to solve a general printer problem not related to netVIz.

If the test page prints fine
1. Go to Control Panel, Display to switch to the standard VGA driver.

2. Print the netViz file you are having trouble with.

If you continue to have difficulty
Contact Tech Support [link to contact form]

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