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Printing: HP LaserJet II or III: GPF during printing

In Windows 3.1, HP LaserJet II or III may cause a GPF if you select the Graphics option in the Print Dialog box when printing Catalog Summary, Name View, or Browser. The driver involved is the HPPCL Driver Version 2.34 with Unidriver V.3.1.4. We are working with Microsoft to solve this problem.

What you can do:

Make sure you have at least 10mb of temporary storage space.

If that is not the problem
Look at the About box.

If you are not using 2.0a
Upgrade the software [Download link]

If you are using 2.0a
1. Back up your program directory.

2. Download [Download link] NV20AFIX.EXE, putting it in a temporary directory.

3. Run NV20AFIX.EXE. It will place several .DLL files in your netViz program directory.

If you continue to have difficulty
Contact Tech Support [link to contact form]

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