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Graphic: netViz graphics not importing correctly into other applications

Some programs, such as PowerPoint for Windows 95 and Freehand for Windows 3.1, have difficulty directly importing WMF files, including those generated by netViz. The problem is associated with these particular applications and is not something that netViz can correct. The result may be incomplete diagrams.

If you have difficulty importing a WMF file generated by netViz into another application:

1. Import the WMF created by netViz into a different illustration program from the one you are having trouble with.

2. Export the graphic in another vector format (vector formats, in addition to WMF, include EPS, CGM, HPGL, PIC, PICT, and WPG).

3. Import the file into the problem application.

If you do not succeed
1. With the file open in netViz, use CTRL-A to select all the objects and background.

2. Press CTRL-C to copy the graphic to the clipboard.

3. Open the problem application, and go to the place within the file that you want the graphic to appear.

4. Press CTRL-V to paste the graphic.

If you do not succeed
1. Press Alt-Print Screen to copy the active window,

2. Open a bitmap editing program, such those used for painting or photo-editing, and paste.

3. Delete the window and any other unneeded elements.

4. Export the file as a bitmap graphic in a format such as TIFF, PCX, or BMP.

5. Import the file into the problem application.

If you continue to have difficulty
Contact Tech Support [link to contact form]

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