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Diagram: Line width inconsistent when zooming in or resizing node — some lines widen, some remain narrow

GPF: System freezes or crashes

Graphic: AutoCAD: Not importing correctly into netViz

Graphic: Not AutoCAD: Not importing correctly into netViz

Graphic: Appearing on screen as black shape

Graphic: Error message "Invalid graphic format" appearing when imported

Graphic: netViz graphics not importing correctly into other applications

HTML: "Export filter error (10)" appearing when generating HTML file

Library File: Error "One of the library files needed to run this program is damaged"

Memory: "Out of memory" message

Printing: All Printers: Not printing correctly

Printing: HP DeskJet 500C or 550C: TrueType fonts printing as long bands

Printing: HP DeskJet 855C: Left margin too small

Printing: HP LaserJet II or III: GPF during printing

Printing: HP LaserJet 4: Print Overrun (error 21) message

Printing: Filled objects printing black

Printing: Not printing correctly to A4 size paper

Upgrade: Upgrade to 2.5a causing GPF

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