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HTML: "Export filter error (10)" appearing when generating HTML file

netViz was unable to find the NVOGIF.DLL file or was unable to load it.

1. Find the NETVIZ.INI file in your WINDOWS directory or in the NETVIZ25\PROGRAM directory.

2. Edit the INI file in a text editor to check "Filter=" for the name of the filters directory.

3. Look for NVOGIF.DLL in the filters directory.

If you find the NVOGIF.DLL file

1. Close other applications.

2. Try to generate an HTML file again.

If you don't find the NVOGIF.DLL file or the NVOGIF.DLL file doesn't work
Reinstall netViz.

If you still cannot generate an HTML file
Contact Tech Support [link to contact form]

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