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Although clients have often associated Patty Zevallos with making media projects look good, and understanding the techology involved, she does much of her most effective communications via the written word.

Her focus is first on making text clear and easy to understand. But when she has the opportunity, she aims far higher than that, on making the writing special.

Patty has adapted to a wide range of audiences and media, writing informational and promotional web sites, newspaper and magazine articles, technical documentation, government publications, ads, brochures, radio and TV commercials, TV programs, plays, catalogs, press releases, and proposals. She has had to master a variety of subjects, sometimes within a day, and can write in any style. Always she is very aware of what will work—what will convince, entertain, or sell.

The following links show a few samples of her work.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. 11/12 to 3/13. Patty worked as User Outreach Specialist on the portion of the upcoming USPTO Drupal site that will allow customers to search for, apply for, track, and pay for patents and trademarks. She researched major roadblocks to inventors, and designed a prototype, in HTML and Illustrator, of online training to overcome these roadblocks, including creating some of the training. She created a "personas" document that described typical users.

U.S. Agency for International Development (via their contract with Phase One Consulting Group). 5/12 to 6/12. Patty worked as web content and Drupal consultant on their new Drupal-based site, She wrote and edited content, did coding, selected and edited images, and handled complex logistical issues involved in producing this public federal agency site. She wrote pages that explained how foreign aid money is spent, the agency's reform effort, what USAID data is available to the public, the topics of videos, how USAID plans its programs, the topics of infographics, and how its Development Credit Authority works.

Enterprise Solutions, Inc., contractor to General Services Administration. 7/10 to 4/11. Patty wrote, designed, and produced several web-based projects using HTML / CSS, Flash, Drupal, Illustrator, GarageBand, and photo editing software. She was part of an eight-person team assisting GSA with the transition to Electronic Contracting—keeping track of federal contracts online instead of as individual documents. The web-based projects she created included a prototype demonstrating how online training about Electronic Contracting could be produced at GSA. The training module provided step-by-step instructions that explained one facet of Electronic Contracting, both in web-based text and graphics and via a Flash animation. Using the prototype, she wrote and produced three online training modules that explained how to use a new system to view a contract, view a modified contract, and store a contract. Patty also created an animated explanation of how to procure products via a newly developed system.

"Healthcare reform can start now with no high price tag." Article published online February 11, 2010, and distributed widely via blogs focused on public policy, consumer issues, economics, and healthcare. It was also featured on LinkedIn and FaceBook pages. The article received attention during the congressional debate on healthcare reform, becoming distributed well beyond the sites where Patty originally placed it. It explains exactly what healthcare reforms can be put in place right now with little or no cost to the taxpayers.

"Why your web site will probably fail, and how to stop that from happening" Article published online March 12, 2010; distributed widely via blogs focused on business management, marketing, and web design; and featured on LinkedIn pages. This practical yet controversial article on how to make web sites effective spurred a lively response from readers. It explains underlying problems with sites that you don't hear elsewhere, and challenges conventional wisdom in a down-to-earth, humorous way.

U.S. Agency for International Development. Sample pages from a book on threats faced by aquatic wildlife in Africa. She reorganized and rewrote the text, using information provided by the agency.

Impact Advertising, Inc. Radio commercial for Iverson Mall.

The Arts Journal. Article on the Mountain Folk and Dance Festival.

Commonwealth Scientific. Text from a catalog selling scientific/manufacturing equipment.

Dyna Rep Distributors, Inc. Page from a catalog selling computer peripherals used in engineering and computer graphics.

Spring-Mar Preschool. Web site promoting and providing a schedule for this nonprofit organization.

Quyen Systems, Inc. Online tech support for a software application.

Dyna Rep Company. Brochure for a firm marketing electromechanical components.

Just for fun--the winning entry in the national writing contest that Patty won when she was 17.




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