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Patty has helped develop new, more effective ways to create both in-person and online instruction. Her training uses techniques that go to the heart of how people learn. She carefully breaks down instruction to individual, sequential steps. She uses highly visual, animated methods that make material easy to understand. And she makes the instruction fun and interesting. In-person training utilizes her background in directing, so that the instructor keeps his or her audience waiting to see what happens next. Her online training breaks new ground in using content management systems, animation, and online video to create lively on-demand, database-driven training that can be updated almost instantly, something way beyond talking heads.

Patty both produces training material for virtually any subject, and teaches classes herself in media production skills such as illustration, acting, design, and technical topics.


Classes taught

Illustration Classes 9/05 to present. Patty teaches drawing and painting to both beginning and advanced students. She is also on the forefront of the merge between fine art and web design, using, sometimes animating, illustrations originally done in paint or pencil. She considers the type of art instruction she offers the foundation for both traditional art and on-screen design. Her students learn freehand drawing step-by-step, 3-D modeling in pencil or paint, composition, and color theory. She has developed a method of teaching drawing that shows dramatic results in four one-hour lessons. Her students include adults and children as young as five. Her classes have been located in her own studio, at Rolling Valley Elementary School, at Hunt Valley Elementary School, and at Michael's Stores. She started teaching art via Fairfax County Park Authority, and learned about art instruction by assisting in a school art classroom.

Computer Learning Center. 11/94. Patty taught a hands-on class, Introduction to WordPerfect for Windows 6.0, to CLC company executives and other headquarters personnel.

The Borden Group Inc. 1/93, 7/93. She taught four hands-on seminars: Introduction to Desktop Publishing (methods and technology), Introduction to PageMaker, Advanced WordPerfect, and Drawing Techniques with Corel Draw.

VIP Systems, Inc. 10/92, 12/92. Patty provided two hands-on seminars: The Ventura/ WordPerfect Alliance for Producing Publications, Manipulating Database Information for Ventura Import.

JWP Information Services. 5/92. She taught a seminar to federal employees, Introduction to WordPerfect.

Forte Group. 6/91. She provided hands-on instruction in using customized WordPerfect macros to employees so they could produce a Department of Agriculture publication.


In addition to formal classes, Patty provides informal instruction and advice weekly to those using web design and development skills, including the use of content management systems, illustration, and usability. Much of her work as a freelancer involves explaining complex topics to clients. Her advice is regularly used by online groups in the field. As a video director, she has often worked with beginning actors to perfect their performances. As a manager of web site production projects, she often trains co-workers to carry out the production system she has developed.



Training Materials Produced

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. 11/12 to 3/13. Patty researched major roadblocks to inventors, and designed a prototype, in HTML and Illustrator, of online training to overcome these roadblocks, including creating some of the training.

Web design and development training program. 4/11 to present. Patty is creating the curriculum for an innovative training program for teaching web design and development that encompasses open source CMS, 2D and 3D animation, video production, and high-end writing and illustration. She is helping to develop the next generation of web sites that melds filmmaking with web design, taking full advantage of the advanced database capability of Drupal, Blender 3D animation, and HTML5 animation.

Enterprise Solutions, Inc., contractor to General Services Administration. 7/10 to 4/11. Patty wrote, designed, and produced several web-based projects using HTML / CSS, Flash, Drupal, Illustrator, GarageBand, and photo editing software. She was part of an eight-person team assisting GSA with the transition to Electronic Contracting—keeping track of federal contracts online instead of as individual documents. The web-based projects she created included a prototype demonstrating how online training about Electronic Contracting could be produced at GSA. The training module provided step-by-step instructions that explained one facet of Electronic Contracting, both in web-based text and graphics and via a Flash animation. Using the prototype, she wrote and produced three online training modules that explained how to use a new system to view a contract, view a modified contract, and store a contract. These training modules used her own narration recorded in GarageBand, screen images, text she wrote, images she made, and other elements that she incorporated into Flash files. In a similar way, Patty also created an animated explanation of how to procure products via a newly developed system. She produced a Flash-based, easy-to-enlarge version of a large flowchart explaining how Electronic Contracting works, designing many images in Illustrator, and creating Flash files for each section. She developed a Flash- and Drupal-based prototype of an interactive overview that shows the status of elements of Electronic Contracting. She wrote and designed a blog explaining usability issues in web and software design by installing a Drupal site, altering it with CSS and modules, and intensively researching what well-designed studies have found on this subject.

Cognitive Reading Strategies. 4/10 to 4/11. Patty assisted Dr. Kathleen Thompson in developing on-screen materials for training teachers. Dr. Thompson has invented a unique method of teaching reading to children with learning disabilities that includes visual cues, songs, and cartoon characters. The training materials were originally based on text and pictures, but Patty helped Dr. Thompson add the use of advanced animation and other visual elements. This allows the teaching methods to be instantly accessible and intriguing, instead of requiring text-based explanations.

Green Living. Patty wrote and designed this blog that explains, step-by-step, how to live on $10,000 or less per person per year. The site provides a detailed how-to on managing household finances, cutting expenses drastically, installing solar, and growing food.

"Why your web site will probably fail, and how to stop that from happening" This article, published online March 12, 2010, and distributed widely on the web, provides highly effective instruction on how to design web sites.

Classes taught by Patty Zevallos. She wrote, designed, and produced this web site that promotes her classes and regularly provides information to her students, including supply lists and instructional materials.

Freddie Mac. 2/97 to 4/97. She produced and did troubleshooting of seminar training manuals (MS Word). 7/92 to 9/92. She helped with a major seminar for lending institutions by designing and producing the training manual and promotional materials (Ventura, Corel Draw, WordPerfect) and providing feedback to the presenters during practice.

Quyen Systems, Inc. 11/96 to 12/96. She wrote and organized web tech support text for netViz, a software application used to diagram and document computer networks. Patty developed the list of common problems and their step-by-step solutions, with all information verified by internal tech support. She created a sample flow chart as a way to explain more complicated solutions.

Hughes Training. 8/96. As part of a team, she produced illustrated documentation for military flight simulators (MS Word).

Dyna Rep Distributors, Inc. 7/90 to 1/91. Patty wrote, designed, and produced materials that taught engineering firms how to incorporate older paper drawings and new CAD computer-based drawings into the same system. This Mid-Atlantic distributor sold engineering and graphics hardware manufactured by Houston Instrument, Panasonic, Agfa, Mitsubishi, and others.

Commonwealth Scientific. 2/88 to 7/90. She managed seminars, wrote product descriptions, and designed manuals that explained how to utilize electromechanical systems used in manufacturing and research by IBM, Sony, and other firms.

Department of State. 11/85. She set up shots and operated audio equipment for an instructional video for Department of State employees on how to process passports.





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