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Make it read well. Make it look good. Make it organized. Make it work. And do it on time.

A wide variety of clients have come looking for Patty to do just that, including technical firms, publishing companies, government contractors, associations, ad agencies, financial firms, printers, and more. She can handle, or coordinate, the whole life cycle of a publication: research, writing, editing, design, illustration, and layout.



Cuisine Solutions. 7/11. Designed and produced a marketing booklet selling gourmet, easily transported food to military customers. Designed the cover for the employee manual.

Tetra Tech. 5/92 to 8/08. She worked on call for this environmental engineering and consulting firm, doing layout, template set-up, and illustrations for Environmental Protection Agency, Army Corps of Engineers, and other clients. As a member of a publishing team she has helped produce proposals and government publications, using InDesign, Corel Draw, MS Word, Acrobat, PageMaker, Ventura, and WordPerfect.

Aldersgate United Methodist Church. 2/07 to 3/07. Patty designed, set up templates for, and produced publications. She introduced professional-level design, the use of visual elements, and a streamlined production into this church that is also a center of the community with its preschool, theater, musical performances, and dinners.

Baker and Associates. 10/05 to 2/06. At this architectural and planning firm handling federal contracts, she redesigned the look and production method of books that described what renovations were needed at military base schools. The publications, made in InDesign, covered how changes in the number of students because of Base Realignment and Closure affected the schools. They provided highly detailed information, via text, tables, and photos, of what was needed for the building structures, heating/AC, parking, roads, plumbing, and other elements. She also redesigned and produced the company newsletter, which included extensive photos. Patty did coordination, editing, proofreading, design, and layout, with text and all other information coming from architects and planners.

American Statistical Association. 10/06. She designed and produced magazine ads and a newsletter (InDesign, PhotoShop).

Wang Government Services, Inc. 7/00 to 9/00. Patty worked on proposals to federal agencies for this company providing computer security. She created PowerPoint slide shows as part of these proposals, and designed ads, a newsletter, and other publications. Skills included coordination, writing, editing, design, illustration, and layout via MS Office, InDesign, and Corel Draw.

Premier Technology Group. 7/00. She created a Powerpoint slide show for a Coast Guard proposal.

Construction Specifications Institute. 4/95 to 9/98. She did design, page layout, and revisions for construction industry reference books used in the U.S. and Canada: Key Word Index for Manual of Practice, MasterFormat, UniFormat, and Guide to Preparing Design and Construction Documents for Historic Projects.

Science Applications International Corp. 7/92 to 9/93. 7/98. She designed and produced full-color booklets and brochures (Quark Xpress, Freehand, Illustrator). Patty also helped produce proposals and other documents for Environmental Protection Agency (advanced WordPerfect).

Amex International Inc. 7/96 to 8/96. 4/98 to 6/98. Patty organized and rewrote a U.S. Agency for International Development book on problems faced by aquatic wildlife in Africa. She edited/rewrote and designed several chapters of Basic Guide to Using Debt Conversions, a USAID publication on how developing countries and nonprofits use this financing strategy. She also worked on the production of USAID books on East African agriculture (PageMaker, WordPerfect).

All-American Printing. 8/97. She designed and produced corporate identity materials (Quark XPress, PageMaker, and Illustrator).

Walcoff & Associates. 9/92 to 8/97. On a regular, on-call basis, Patty did illustration, design, and page layout for projects such as U.S. Department of Justice newsletters, ads, and brochures; Environmental Protection Agency posters; and Job Corps brochures. She helped produce proposals and other documents for Department of Health and Human Services, National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, and Environmental Protection Agency. (Corel Draw, PageMaker, advanced WordPerfect)

Visma Americas, Inc. 4/97 to 5/97. She organized, wrote, and produced the corporate design guide for this software firm (Quark Xpress).

Freddie Mac. 2/97 to 4/97. She produced and did troubleshooting of seminar training manuals (MS Word). 7/92 to 9/92. She helped with a major seminar for lending institutions by designing and producing the training manual and promotional materials (Ventura, Corel Draw, WordPerfect) and providing feedback to the presenters during practice.

Curtis & Company. 9/96. She provided consulting assistance with Federal Aviation Administration publications to be produced / distributed in MS Word, Quark Xpress, and Envoy.

Pacific Architects & Engineers. 8/95, 9/96. Patty helped produce and illustrate proposals (WordPerfect, Corel Draw).

Hughes Training. 8/96. As part of a team, she produced illustrated documentation for military flight simulators (MS Word).

Northrop Grumman Corporation. 8/95. She did production and troubleshooting of a WordPerfect proposal converted from MS Word.

Resampling Stats, Inc. 1/95 to 3/95. Patty designed and provided a template for their software manual (WordPerfect, Corel Draw).

Watermark Design. 11/94. She produced a National Institutes of Health publication in PageMaker.

The Borden Group Inc. 6/94 to 8/94. She did writing, design, illustration, and page layout (PageMaker and Corel Draw) on several pre-press projects, including a 40-page magazine and conference promotional brochure for National Association of Meal Programs, newsletters and a brochure for the American Federation of Home Health Agencies, and a child abuse prevention brochure for Fairfax County Human Services.

Garruba Dennis Design. 7/93. Patty provided consulting assistance with adapting brochures and ads to Ventura for Urban Land Institute.

VIP Systems, Inc. 6/93. For this client facing days of production turning footnotes in WordPerfect into footnotes in Ventura for a large document, she automated the process and made the conversion instant.

Mathtech Inc. 2/93. She did illustrations for an on-screen presentation for Federal Aviation Administration (Corel Draw).

Electronic Data Systems. 2/93. She produced proposals for federal systems integration clients (advanced WordPerfect).

Innolog, Inc. 11/92 to 12/92. She illustrated proposals for Department of the Army (Corel Draw).

AmerInd, Inc. 10/92 to 11/92. Patty helped produce proposals for federal systems integration clients (advanced WordPerfect, FreeLance).

Times of the Americas. 2/91 to 3/92. As production manager, Patty redesigned the look and production procedures of this 24-page, semimonthly newspaper on Latin America. She wrote headlines and photo captions, designed pages, coordinated text and images going into the newspaper, and did most pre-press production (Ventura). Methods she introduced included careful tracking of photos and electronic text files, the use of strong visual elements on pages, and automating the production, to some extent, so that stories imported to the layout program already were formatted. She also designed and produced the media kit promoting the paper to advertisers.

Dyna Rep Company. 10/91 to 11/91. She handled concept, writing, design, and production of a brochure for a firm marketing electromechanical components (Ventura).

Callahan and Associates. 6/91 to 8/91. She did pre-press production of a two-color newsletter (PageMaker).

Forte Group. 6/91. She did training, consultation, and set-up via WordPerfect macros for a Department of Agriculture publication.

Dyna Rep Distributors, Inc. 7/90 to 1/91. As Marketing Manager, Patty coordinated, wrote, edited, designed, and produced catalogs, direct mail, and ads that promoted advanced computer peripherals used in engineering and computer graphics (PageMaker, WordPerfect). This Mid-Atlantic distributor sold products manufactured by Houston Instrument, Panasonic, Agfa, Mitsubishi, and others.

Commonwealth Scientific. 2/88 to 7/90. As Marketing Administrator, she corresponded with Japanese and European engineers regarding electromechanical systems used in manufacturing and research by IBM, Sony, and other firms. She assembled the information from mechanical, electrical, and software engineers. Patty designed and produced publications (Ventura, WordPerfect), and wrote a product catalog. She put together an automated system for tracking prospective and current clients that included detailed information on the system required. Later, as Documentation Specialist, she redesigned the look and production method of the customized system manuals, greatly decreasing their production time.

Old City Group Inc. 5/85 to 12/86. As Account Executive/Copywriter for this ad agency, Patty did market planning, writing, and coordination of broadcast and print advertising. She also wrote brochures, press releases, and work proposals for business-to-business, restaurant, and retail clients. She worked directly with clients to find the most cost-effective way to reach sales goals.

Impact Advertising, Inc. 5/84 to 4/85. She handled pre-press production coordination of ads and brochures at this ad agency that worked for retail, restaurant, and financial clients.

The Arts Journal. 5/78 to 8/79. As a newspaper reporter, Patty wrote articles and edited news releases and columns. She covered the arts in Western North Carolina, writing about music, dance, architecture, and the visual arts. She did extensive interviews, and also helped produce the paper by proofreading and organizing materials.





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