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First published at age 17 as a winner of a national writing contest, Patty has gone on to a 35-year career in media production. She received a degree in the field from UNC-Chapel Hill in 1981 while working summers as a newspaper reporter. She has written and directed a weekly television show and commercials for television and radio. She designed marketing plans for ad agency clients, using an in-depth knowledge of ratings and what messages work. Patty has helped produce well over a thousand books, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, and brochures for virtually every industry, with extensive work in the federal government. Her experience and knowledge of media technology has allowed her to set up media production departments in publishing companies and technical firms.

After working on over a hundred government proposals, she devised a way, using automation, to create most of a federal government proposal instantly. She directed promotional videos for actors in a casting network. She designed and produced a newspaper covering Latin America. For 16 years Patty worked on call at an environmental science firm, helping to produce Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineers publications. At Hughes Training, she worked on manuals for fighter pilots. For the U.S. Agency for International Development, she reorganized and rewrote a book on threats to aquatic wildlife in Africa. She wrote text and managed marketing for a company selling equipment for semiconductor production and superconducting research, dealing with customers in Japan and Europe. She has done design and layout in Spanish, including a proposal related to the expansion of the Panama Canal. For the Construction Specifications Institute, she designed and produced manuals that set national standards for architects. Patty did market planning, writing, and design for a distributer of Sony, Panasonic, and Houston Instrument engineering and graphics equipment. For a Department of Justice ad campaign to prevent job discrimination, she helped produce a series of ads and brochures. For Freddie Mac she created training manuals for seminars. As part of the military's Base Realignment and Closure, Patty designed, produced, and edited the publications describing what renovations were needed for military base schools. She designed the magazine for Meals on Wheels. She also teaches classes in media production, illustration, and acting.

But the world of television, radio, and newspapers that she originally trained for no longer exists. In 1995, two years after the web browser was invented, she started to study and use this amazing new medium. Using her background in media production and training in fine arts, she developed different and better ways to use web technology. Her focus now is on the next generation of web sites, and not just on the technology—content management systems, online video, animation, and database-driven applications. She figures out how a site can be exactly what its end users want it to be, in the simplest, best, and most eye-catching way. She is looking at how end users can benefit from a new approach to online video, one that is full-screen, interactive, and intrigues viewers with a highly visual, storytelling-based approach. By generating content from databases, she has found ways that content for training and other productions can be updated instantly. And she is using these methods not just for private industry, but for the federal government, for whom presenting information clearly and well is so very important.

She has also joined forces online with others who want to bring highly efficient web technology solutions to the federal government. Throughout the Washington, DC area, many working for federal agencies and their contractors are changing the way the government is organized. It is moving to cloud computing, agile development, teleworking, and a general rethinking of how to do business. Such a change is vital to keeping federal agencies running smoothly while enduring budget cuts. She has worked and will continue to work in this arena, and provides advice regularly to those who are part of the effort.

Many will guess at how to organize media and technology efforts. They will guess at how to communicate with end users. They will guess at what will look good onscreen.

After 35 years, Patty doesn't guess. She knows.


Clients for Patty's creative and production work have also included Wang Government Services, Science Applications International Corp., Pacific Architects and Engineers, and Northrup Grumman Corp. Federal agencies also include U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, U.S. Agency for International Development, General Services Administration, Department of State, Department of Health and Human Services, National Science Foundation, Department of the Army, Coast Guard, Department of Energy, Federal Aviation Administration, National Institutes of Health, and Department of Agriculture.


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